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If your kitchen or bath feels outdated, consider how refacing or repainting your existing cabinets would update the space, without the high cost of demolition and installation of new cabinets. While this solution is not feasible in every remodel, if you plan to keep the existing layout or make minimal changes, you might be able to make the most of what you already have.

ne of the most important aspects to consider the condition of the cabinetry making sure it is solid, and worth the time and effort to refinish. This is often based on the cabinetry boxes and shelving, since the cosmetic aspect will be addressed in the preparation and painting. The second consideration is deciding if you are prepared to do the work yourself, or if you should call in a professional in the Tulsa area to deliver the high quality results you want in your home.

If you have cabinets that are in need of a new, improved look, you might have the following questions:

Can cabinets just be repainted?

In most cases, yes. While a change in color can provide the update you want, there is a lot of preparation to get a professional finish. From priming through the top coat, hiring a team with experience can create the end result you want. Painting can create a custom feel in any room by selecting shades that match the décor. Once the new paint is applied to the cabinet boxes and doors, the look can be completed with new hardware to give the doors another design element.

How does cabinet refacing work?

The term refacing is often used to cover a variety of techniques, but traditional refacing includes replacing the original cabinet doors then using a veneer on the cabinet boxes. This allows for a new style on the door, but is more costly as well, since veneering is a skill that often requires a professional for proper application.

What needs to be done to prepare?

Because cabinets take a lot of wear and tear in kitchens and bathrooms, the first step in getting them ready to refinish is a thorough cleaning to remove grease and dirt. Bringing in a team of professionals can be essential in preparing all the pieces for an optimal end result. This can include sanding or scraping previous finishes.

Refinishing and refacing have become popular for homeowners looking to repurpose what they have. If you have high quality cabinetry that just needs a fresher appearance, or want to capture the style of your home as part of a restoration, consider if refinishing will work for you.

In the Tulsa area, the professionals at AB’s custom painting can provide you a free evaluation and estimate of the cabinets you want to refinish. Learn how the material of your cabinets will adjust to the paint and also evaluate the condition with regard to the possibility of repainting. Call today to get started on the kitchen or bath cabinet update you want, without the cost of fully replacing what you already have.


Update the cabinetry in your home by refinishing your existing pieces, creating a custom look for your space without the high cost of new cabinet installation. Our experts can evaluate your home for opportunities to refinish or reface the cabinets you already have. If the cabinets in your home are high quality, solid wood that just need a new look, call AB’s custom painting today for a free estimate.

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