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Even the best painter needs a good canvas to create a masterpiece on, and your home is no different. Uneven surfaces from damaged or incorrectly installed drywall work can take away from the look you want, and no amount of paint can cover that up.

If you are like most homeowners, you want to work with as few contractors as possible to get the job done correctly, on budget and on time.

The opportunity to work with the same company for drywall repairs or installation from demolition through the final paint coat, allows AB’s Custom Painting to provide customers the best service, value and quality. With over 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge to provide quality drywall services to the homeowners in the Tulsa area that we work with.

What kind of drywall services are frequently needed?

Installation – This is often broken into three steps – hanging, taping and mudding. Proper drywall installation is the foundation for the quality of the walls in your home as you see them. Hanging is important so that seams are uniform and clean, the taping and mudding help with the overall appearance since they will need to be evened out for paint to be applied.

Repair – In some cases drywall can get damaged and needs to be removed and replaced in sections before painting can begin. There are many reasons damage occurs, but getting underlying problems corrected is essential in a getting quality result for painting. In other cases, settling can lead to unsightly nail pops that can easily be repaired to make the wall look better. The goal of any repair is to make it so unnoticeable that no one will notice any pieces have been changed, creating a uniform look for the space.

Texturing – You’ll want to decide if you are looking to match, blend or remove the current texture of the walls in your home. Matching texture is very important in cases with patching and repairing to help the new drywall match the existing pieces. For new spaces it is essential to understand how each of these options looks and wears so you can choose the one you want for the long term.

Because drywall becomes an integral part of the interior space of your home, it is helpful to make sure you get any questions you have answered before getting started. We want you to ask about our processes so you can be sure you are getting the quality of work you would like. You can also rely on our expertise to help you cover items you may not have through of, so the end result is attractive and adds value to your Tulsa area home.

Whether you need to have small repairs done or need complete drywall replacement, AB’s Custom painting can work with you to create the look you want, and manage the process from start to the final coat of paint at the end.

Call us today for a free estimate and let AB’s Custom Painting help you transform your space into your dream home.


Update the cabinetry in your home by refinishing your existing pieces, creating a custom look for your space without the high cost of new cabinet installation. Our experts can evaluate your home for opportunities to refinish or reface the cabinets you already have. If the cabinets in your home are high quality, solid wood that just need a new look, call AB’s custom painting today for a free estimate.

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