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A new coat of paint can freshen up a room, highlight architectural features or bring together the decor in a space. While a coat of paint can change a room, a poorly done paint job can be more of an eyesore than a benefit. In the Tulsa area, choose the team with over 15 years of experience, helping homeowners transform their homes.

While many homeowners may be tempted to purchase paint at the local hardware store or paint shop and get started on their own do-it-yourself painting project, there are many reasons you may want to call in an experienced painter.

What are the benefits of choosing a professional over the do-it-yourself approach?

  • Saving time by having a professional who has experience prepping the space for quality results. A good foundation in essential in getting the quality outcome you want.
  • Taking advantage of the equipment they have for high or hard to reach spaces. They will have the ladders, scaffolding and other equipment to get the job done.
  • Being confident in their skills to accurately handle additional items in the space that need to be addressed including trim, doors or railings that you may not be experienced in painting or staining.
  • Using their knowledge of the best products and materials for the specific areas in your home you want to have painted.
  • Relying on their experience in treating hard to cover dark colors or textures. This can include the scraping or stripping previous applications and understanding the necessary amount of primer to get the job set up for the best final color.
  • Addressing other issues such as drywall repair, or the need to caulk or seal any areas at the same time the painting is taking place.
  • Transforming or protecting the integrity of paneling, moldings or other elements in the room as the project requires. They can discuss transition options for multiple colors in a space as well.
  • Receiving guidance on color selections from their experience on wear and implications of that option. If you are considering covering a large space based on a tiny paper paint square, ask their opinion on what to expect as the end result for issues you may not have considered.

There are many new and exciting paint products on the market today, but proper application can be essential in getting the look you want and protecting the value of your home with quality work. Working with experts can allow you to know what will work best in your space and also allow you to get the quality you expect. You can also have discussions on more environmentally-friendly options including low VOC choices. In other cases you will want to learn about the finishes recommended for particular rooms including bathrooms and kitchens.

AB’s Custom Painting in the Tulsa area specializes in all types of interior painting, including new construction and also existing spaces that are looking for a refresh. If you are considering a painting project at your home, call them today for a free estimate to know just how reasonable it can be to call in the professionals.


Update the cabinetry in your home by refinishing your existing pieces, creating a custom look for your space without the high cost of new cabinet installation. Our experts can evaluate your home for opportunities to refinish or reface the cabinets you already have. If the cabinets in your home are high quality, solid wood that just need a new look, call AB’s custom painting today for a free estimate.

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